Pinacl Solutions



St Leonard's Hospice

Pinacl Solutions deliver high quality Internet Connectivity and Wireless solutions for St Leonard’s Hospice.

St Leonard’s Hospice now has a WiFi infrastructure that enables mobile working around the Hospice using cloud technologies and web based tools. They are now in the process of implementing audits, incident reporting, health and safety checks etc. which are live paperless systems and portable across the whole Hospice site. External colleagues who bring their own hardware to work are able to securely link to remote systems without loss of service.

St Leonard’s Hospice wanted to upgrade their broadband services to provide a fast, reliable service for their staff, patients and visitors. Their previous broadband only provided a limited service as they only had wired access in the in-patient unit. St Leonard’s were looking for two solutions – Internet Services and Wireless.

Pinacl based their Internet solution on a Dark Fibre connection capable of delivering 10mbps synchronous (upload and download) un-contended service for superior user experience. As the service is being delivered across Dark Fibre the potential is almost ‘limitless’ meaning that St Leonard’s Hospice can increase their bandwidth at any time.