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Covid-19 Update

Last Reviewed: 21/04/2020

Across our organisation we are following the recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and our focus is the safety of our colleagues, partners and customers. As a critical IT and Data Infrastructure provider we are confident that we can continue to deliver our services to our customers, and we are keeping our employees informed to ensure that business disruption is kept to a minimum. We shall continue to monitor the news regarding COVID-19 and assess the risks it poses to our business operations.

We have implemented work from home policies and social distancing to limit our employees’ exposure, without compromising the ability to remain connected, productive and work securely.

Please check back for regular updates regarding our position during this unprecedented situation.

Our Business Continuity plans

We know people rely on Pinacl, our technology and people every day. Our business continuity plan is reviewed and tested on an annual basis as part of our Integrated Management System and in line with our accreditations to ISO9001 27001:2013.

All of our business-critical systems are based in the Cloud and all employees are provided with a corporate laptop and ability to work from home.  Our Service Desk in North Wales is the primary contact for any issues affecting circuits or infrastructure and is fully operational 24 x 7.

Supporting Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain plays an integral role in ensuring that we can provide the very best service to our customers during this unprecedented situation. We are in constant contact with our suppliers and vendors to ensure we keep up to date with the changing landscape. 

Openreach and Virgin as key national infrastructure providers have announced measures to protect their network, their engineers, the public and help contain the virus. This includes the MBORC (Matter Beyond Our Reasonable Control) notification.

Supporting you

Helping our customers, communities and people take advantage of technology and empower businesses through digital technologies is who we are.

To provide you with as much information as possible and enable the delivery of services where at all possible (particularly for Critical National Infrastructure) we have put together the following update.

Infrastructure Support

We continue to support our customers through our 24x7 Service Desk which is fully operational remotely. The team should be contacted following the same process as you currently follow. We are asking our customers to support our delivery teams by declaring orders and / or faults which may be deemed CNI, as early as possible.

Where possible any works will be carried out remotely, however due to the current Government Guidelines & Restrictions in place in the UK there may be a delay in meeting service levels if hardware requires to be replaced or an engineer must attend site. 

  • Hardware replacement may be affected by the restriction in movement of couriers
  • Engineer to site may be delayed due to customer site controls and the ability to travel to your location
  • The resolution of circuit faults may be delayed if the fault requires the carrier to enter a building unless there is a Total Loss of Service (TLOS). 
  • If an engineer is unable to fix the fault in the network, they will go to the end customer premises if the fault is appointed AND there is TLOS regardless of whether they are CNI / Welfare / at risk or a standard business customer although Openreach will prioritise repair work on the CNI / Welfare / ‘At Risk’ criteria..


We continue to deliver our new and in-flight projects where we can do so safely by following the Government Guidelines and Restrictions. Where possible we will minimise any site attendance through completing as many tasks as possible remotely.  

Where we are required and able to attend site we will ensure the latest Government Guidelines and Restrictions are followed at all times by working with you and your teams to review and agree the steps necessary to deliver the project in a safe environment.

Circuits (in flight and new installs)

Pinacl will continue to accept and deliver Ethernet, WLR and Broadband services where no internal access to the premise is needed. Where an onsite visit is required, and the customer is not deemed “at risk” or part of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) then Openreach will reschedule the appointment after 1st June 2020.

Please note the industries considered eligible for consideration as CNI are: Health, Public Safety, Food, Defence and Security, Transport, Communications, Utilities, Government, Banking, Manufacturing (if related to CNI in the current Covid-19 response, e.g. NHS supplies).

Please note the definition of “at risk” is in line with PHE’s (Public Health England’s) Covid-19 at risk criteria (i.e. pregnant / over 70 / under 70 with an underlying medical condition).

Pinacl are taking action to review all inflight deliveries and highlight services that fall under the CNI umbrella to our suppliers and customers. Please work with us during this process and communicate critical services to our delivery teams.

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