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Crown Commercial Service

Crown Commercial Service

Pinacl is a supplier on five lots of the RM1045 framework meaning that you can direct award or can open up a competition amongst suppliers on each lot. To find out more about each lot please select from the list on the right. 

The RM1045 Network Services agreement provides customers with access to networks and telecommunications services, including PSN compliant services. 

About Crown Commercial Service

This framework provides savings, choice and flexibility for all publicly funded organisations; whilst ensuring compliance with the wider government technology strategy through ongoing engagement with the Government Digital Service (GDS). 

Benefits of the Framework

  • Benefits of approach: the benefits of using a framework agreement include mitigating the risks of procurement complexity, such as pre-testing of the suppliers to ensure capability; and the ability to contract on our terms, especially in respect of termination, service levels, open book accounting, benchmarking and continuous improvement
  • Reduced timescales: and costs for the procurement of services: you do not need to run a full OJEU procurement, we have done it for you
  • Ease of use: the agreement is easy to use, with expert commercial advice available from us
  • Reduced complexity: technology agnostic terms and conditions allow for outcomes based requirements which will encourage supplier innovation
  • Flexible contract lengths: to enable flexibility of solution design and reduce costly, lengthy tie ins
  • Migration path: from legacy technology and service solutions
  • Access to new and emerging technologies: from a broad range of suppliers which will deliver significant savings over the life of the agreement
  • Flexibility and choice: lot structure and the diversity of suppliers gives scope for flexible competitions and the opportunity for niche suppliers to bid
  • Legality: the agreement is fully compliant with EU procurement regulations reducing both procurement risk for you and bureaucracy in the procurement process
  • Pre-defined terms and conditions: terms and conditions of contract have been established and all suppliers have signed and accepted this agreement and the call-off terms. You are able to propose your own special terms provided there is no material amendment to the agreement terms

Lots in Crown Commercial Service

  • Lot 1 - Data Access Services

    Lot 1 Data Access Services, including Wide Area Networks (WAN) is for the provision of connectivity services enabling site-to-site or site-to-cloud interconnectivity.

    The Primary Services are:

    a)      Wide area connectivity for the provision of a managed or unmanaged point-to-point data-only connection.

    b)      Wide area connectivity for the provision of a managed or unmanaged point-to-internet/cloud data-only connection

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  • Lot 2 - Local Connectivity Services

    Lot 2 Local Connectivity Services, is for the provision of single site connectivity services, including local area networks (LAN) enabling interconnectivity

    The Primary Services are;

    a)    Local area network (LAN) connectivity services, constrained to a single site, multiple sites in the same locale, campus sites and metropolitan area sites enabling a user to consume a locally hosted service

    b)    Local connectivity services to connect an end user device to a local service.

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  • Lot 8 - Video Conferencing Services

    This Lot 8 is for the provision of traditional and IP based video conferencing services. 

    Lot 8 Primary Services:

    • a)Video conferencing services with the ability to call, connect and share audio-visual communications with another compatible video device over any distance in real time.

    Lot 8 Ancillary Services:

    The Ancillary Services for this Lot 8 are optional Services that enhance or otherwise supplement or support the delivery and/or the functionality of the Primary Services and will be set out by the Supplier in their Service Offers or responses to a Further Competition.

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