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Jisc Telecommunications

Jisc Telecommunications

Pinacl is a supplier on the Jisc Telecommunications Framework. Out of 18 companies, Pinacl are 1 of 7 to be a registered supplier on BOTH lots.

  • Lot 1 - Managed Transmission Services
  • Lot 2 - Dark Fibre

For Lot 1, Pinacl was considered to provide the most economically advantageous tender; this means you can choose to:

  • place Lot 1 orders directly with Pinacl without reopening competition or
  • run a mini-competition against your specific requirement with all capable Suppliers in that Lot

About Jisc Telecommunications

Through the Jisc Telecommunications Framework you are now able to purchase a range of transmission services without having to go through the procurement process yourself or, if you prefer, run a mini-competition between suppliers that Jisc have short-listed and evaluated.

The scope of the framework covers purchases by Jisc, JSL, Higher Education institutions, Further Education and Specialist Colleges and Research Council establishments in the UK and by any other bodies whose core purpose is the support or advancement of further or higher education or of research.

Lots in Jisc Telecommunications

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