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Internet of Things

Technology is the enabler, not the solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of connecting everyday objects with embedded electronics, software and sensors allowing them to send and receive data. Assembling, analysing and presenting all of this data allows for intelligent decisions to be made either by humans or automatically against pre-set rules. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown and developed rapidly over the past few years, often associated with organisations Digital Transformation strategies. This is creating accelerated opportunities within the ICT space for the ‘connectivity’ supporting IoT, fuelling this is the explosion in low cost IP (Internet) connected devices and the widespread availability of various wireless long range and low power communications (LPWAN). This has resulted in devices and systems that would normally have been non-intelligent and standalone becoming both intelligent and connected, providing the ability for smart control, data gathering and monitoring.

Your network in safe hands

Pinacl’s IoT solutions are inherently secure. The IoT-X platform from Stream, used to deliver the network service, is divided in to separate networks for each customer, completely separate from one another. One customer cannot access another customer’s data as traffic is blocked between networks.

To further bolster the security of the platform, users can be set up with two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security on top of the conventional username and password authentication method. This facility enhances the security of individual accounts and is useful for users who are logging in to the Pinacl/Stream IoT-X platform from an untrusted machine or network.

By default, our IoT solutions are deployed with disaster recovery, capacity planning and network redundancy policies in place from day one. The network is comprehensively monitored to ensure that the highest security standards are being attained and that the network is fully compliant with U.K. data protection and computer misuse legislation. 

Our portfolio of IoT services  

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  • Smart LivingDigitally transforming the monitoring of properties, preventing damage and saving money. This gives asset management teams early warning of physical and social issues allowing early stage intervention for asset and tenant health. Still evolving are the concepts of telecare and telehealth for Smart Living. Read more >>