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Is the industry really geared up for the Internet of Things?

Our Sales Manager Gary Thatcher attended the IP Expo at the ExCel in London yesterday alongside our Marketing Executive Chris Bunnell. Whilst the event proved to be a great forum for catching up with partners, customers and colleagues both past and present, the show itself was disappointing. 


Firstly, we suspect that the move to cloud hosted infrastructure means there are less interesting hardware focussed stands and while there are a number of very good cloud providers out there, it is difficult for them to differentiate themselves based on a 3m x 3m patch of carpet tiles. Credit must go to Iomart for their ‘Cinema’ themed stand, Node4 for their battle bus and Volta who had the foresight to have provided an Ice Cream machine on their stand (although none of these factors endorse or should be considered in the selection of cloud provider!).   

The biggest disappointment was around the Internet of Things. IoT is being spoken of as the biggest revolution in the ICT industry and there was a presentation theatre dedicated to it, sponsored by HP Enterprise. What we couldn’t see was any evidence of exhibitors showing real world solutions, despite IP Expo being the supposed showcase for the emerging technologies. The opportunities around IoT are massive and every day millions of new ‘things’ get connected online; including toasters, buildings, heart monitors, cars and even cows. That’s right, cows. 

Pinacl recognise that it is in the interest of everyone moving forward to create IoT solutions that minimise energy requirements and environmental impact. Technologies such as LPWAN/LoRaWAN are engineered with low-power consumption and low-power sensors that can work under challenging conditions.

Pinacl is able to demonstrate real would technologies and has deployed a city wide LoRaWAN network that is being used to showcase a range of solutions including air quality, flood monitoring and the management of social housing portfolios.  We have solutions that can be deployed today and that deliver very aggressive ROIs and the early adopters having the added benefit of being able to shape the development and integration of the solutions with their line of business solutions and processes.

If you attended the IP Expo and were equally disappointed with the lack of IoT and want to know how it could be applied to your business and see some real world deployments contact Pinacl on 01745 535300 or email