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Pinacl is pleased to announce that our Network Engineer, Pete Rigby has passed the Technical Ruckus Cloud WiFi training

Network Engineer, Pete Rigby has completed the Ruckus Cloud WiFi Online Training.

The course is designed for sales personnel, system engineers, network managers, support personnel, Ruckus partners and company employees desiring a high-level understanding of all Ruckus products.

The course provides an overview of the Ruckus Cloud WiFi solution, demonstrations of how to use the Ruckus Cloud WiFi dashboard to install and configure venues, Ruckus access points, create WLANS, set up public networks with various types of security, monitor your WLAN network, analyses network parameters and set up administration accounts for various users. It also includes modules on how to troubleshoot access points if they are not connecting to the Ruckus Cloud.

As an elite Ruckus partner, members of the Pinacl team have been undertaking Ruckus training to maintain our top-tier partner status. The partnership enables Pinacl to offer customers the latest Ruckus products and solutions.