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Pinacl is thrilled to announce that our Network Design Consultant and Pre-Sales Consultant have completed their Wireless and Wired Portfolio (ICX) Training.

Our Network Design Consultant Jonathan Davies and Pre-Sales Consultant Richard Cowling have successfully completed their Ruckus Wireless and Wired Portfolio (ICX) Sales Engineer Pre-Sales Training.

From left to right: Pre-Sales Consultant Richard Cowling & Network Design Consultant Jonathan Davies

The courses are designed for Ruckus Partners and Partner Sales Engineers, desiring a high-level understanding of all Ruckus products.   

During the Wired Portfolio (ICX) Sales Engineer Pre-Sales Training, Richard and Jonathan learnt about common customer challenges and how the Ruckus ICX product family addresses these customer pain points. They reviewed the entire portfolio of ICX switches and their features, discussed how to win with Ruckus solutions, and highlight Ruckus’ competitive differentiators.

Modules for the course included:

  • Customer challenges
  • Ruckus ICX Switching
  • Intro to Campus Fabric

The second course undertaken; The Wireless Portfolio training, is a self-paced, web-based training course which provides an overview of the WiFi industry and how Ruckus solutions fit into these requirements. The course gives an overview of the Ruckus wireless portfolio, how to win with Ruckus solutions, and an understanding the Ruckus competitive differentiators and real-life use cases.

The aims of this course were to:

•             Become familiar with the industry and how we fit

•             Understand the Ruckus wireless Portfolio Overview

•             Become familiar with Ruckus Access Points and Controllers

•             Know how to win with Ruckus solutions

•             Understand Competitive Differentiators

•             Become familiar with Real life Use Cases

Both courses entailed an exam in which Richard and Jonathan had to score 80% to pass.

“It is important that our vendor partners such as Ruckus, are confident that their technologies are fully understood and are being presented to potential customers in a concise and professional manner.

The Ruckus courses ensure that we have all of the required information to be able to design and present the appropriate Ruckus solution for a customer and be able to discuss the subject matter in detail.”

Pre-Sales Consultant, Richard Cowling