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Presenting to The Bath Group

Pinacl host The Bath Group's Autumn 2018 event in London

We were delighted to be invited to host the Bath Group's Autumn 2018 event to discuss our views on the Internet of Things and its impact for the UK's Housing Associations.

We discussed common challenges that Housing Associations are facing today. We explored how Internet of Things (IoT) and technology are providing pre-emptive maintenance solutions for social housing providers. We then reviewed the initial challenges and subsequent benefits that current housing associations, such as Halton Housing, have experienced with deploying our Digital Property Management Solution.

As part of the event, Bath group had the chance to experience a full IoT demonstration of our Digital Property Management Solution. This enabled them to see its full capabilities and gain further understanding on how the solution is delivered, along with the benefits for both tenants and providers.

The day featured great discussions and shared insights into the members’ experiences. It is clear that challenging times lie ahead with more responsibilities being put onto Housing Associations and the growing disrepair claims from tenants. With the many possibilities IoT has to offer, it’s vital that solutions are readily available, easy to deploy, easy to manage and affordable, as Housing Associations work with constrained IT budgets and business justification/ROI. We were able to show how our IoT technology provides high performing and scalable solutions, supporting the next generation of property management applications for housing associations, such as Halton Housing and City of York Council.