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Pinacl win contract to roll out Scotland’s first city-wide LoRaWAN Intelligent lighting solution with Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen are targeting a 60% energy saving with Intelligent Street Lighting Solution.

Pinacl has secured a contract with Aberdeen City Council for the provision of an Intelligent Street Lighting solution. Pinacl will provision an initial 3,500 Lighting Controllers along with a corresponding LoRaWAN network and lighting Configuration Management System (CMS).

The intelligent street lighting solution will enable the Council to make additional savings on their annual street lighting energy consumption and costs whilst also delivering operational and maintenance efficiencies.

The solution is a ‘quick to install’ system that gives the Council complete control of their street lighting network. It will allow them to intelligently control, dim and monitor light levels via a secure cloud-based CMS.

The solution will enable Aberdeen City Council to cut maintenance costs with real-time fault monitoring and by using detailed operational intelligence to improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning.

Aberdeen have invested in a £9.7M eight year rolling program of replacing the old inefficient and expensive street lighting with more efficient and cost-effective LED lighting.

Aberdeen City Council Energy costs for street lighting as of December 2015 were - £1.996M per year. This has been estimated to fall to £787K per year after all of the street lighting has been replaced with LED lanterns. This project delivers over 60% reduction in street lighting electricity bills after completion of the LED replacement project.

Pinacl are collaborating with Lucy Zodion who are a leader in the design and manufacture of smart streetlighting equipment and has over 10 years' experience developing intelligent street lighting solutions for smarter cities.

This collaboration combines Pinacl’s knowledge and expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) with Lucy Zodion’s expertise and leadership in intelligent street lighting, supporting our Smart City strategy and delivering real benefits to Councils across the UK.

In addition to saving money the new LED lighting gives out a bright, clear light which is easier to the human eye, provides improved safety for pedestrians and clearer pictures for CCTV footage. The replacement LEDs also offer an increased lifetime over the legacy HID sodium lamps (x6) and fluorescent lamps (x4). They are also ‘greener’ – more recyclable (up to 90%) and they contain no mercury, lead or heavy metal and emit no UV radiation.

At present, the photocell will switch on the street light at a pre-set value (at dusk) and it will switch the light off again at another pre-set value (at dawn). The street light is either on, at full power, or off – wouldn’t it be beneficial to have more granular control of not only the brightness of the street light, for more efficient power consumption, but also early insight of any potential technical issues, before they become faults?

Well, now it’s possible. Enhancing existing street lighting infrastructure with a LoRaWAN enabled ecosystem helps Local Authorities control and monitor their entire system remotely and more intuitively. This provides the following benefits:


Improved efficiencies

  • Reduced power consumption delivering additional energy savings of up to 30% on top of those achieved from an LED replacement program.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint, reducing the impact that the City has on the environment.
  • Progressive dimming – avoiding over illumination, deliver consistent lighting levels and eliminating unnecessary waste of energy
  • Improved reliability and more efficient maintenance, thanks to actionable insights communicated on CMS.

Enhanced performance

  • Granular lighting control – ability to respond to specific events taking place within the lighting scheme to meet performance requirements and improve safety.
  • Tailor lighting group profiles to improve citizen safety in crucial time periods.
  • Urban insights can be generated, based on streetlight performance, helping Local Authority analyse and evaluate success factors.
  • Connected ecosystem enables remote, wireless, control of entire lighting scheme - aiding real time updates to and from a single connected point.
  • Secure - distinct 128-bit security keys mean that data relayed between devices is kept secure, while ensuring the network can communicate freely for enhanced connectivity and interoperability


  • Works with today’s technology, yet compatible with the innovations of tomorrow. Intelligent Controller fits to existing standard NEMA 5/7 pin socket on top of both legacy and new LED lighting head – support for DALI, 1-10v or 0-10v drivers.
  • Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRa WAN) - provides a universal communication standard that opens up the opportunity for future smart device and software integration
  • Open LoRaWAN network – gives Local Authorities flexibility to integrate new smart city solutions without being locked into a single proprietary vendor solution.
  • Scalable and interoperable - able to grow at the same pace and scale of smart city evolution.
“We are delighted to be working with Aberdeen to help them achieve their Smart City vision. This IoT project lets us build on our relationship with the Council which began with the design and installation of a city wide public WiFi network and the expansion of the Councils fibre network. The new city-wide IoT network provides a third layer of connectivity that will allow Aberdeen City council to efficiently deploy a variety of Smart City Solutions across the city”.
Alasdair Rettie, Technical Director at Pinacl

This solution will not only benefit the Council but will further benefit the community by optimising the IoT LoRaWAN solution to support other smart city initiatives that truly enhance citizen quality of life.

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