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Pinacl gains place on Scottish IoT DPS

Pinacl is pleased to announce that we have gained a place on the IoT Technologies and Services Dynamic Purchasing System.

The Internet of Things is a growing industry, with prediction its worth will double to $520 billion by 2021.

The DPS, which was established by Scottish Procurement, will consist of opportunities from Scottish public sector organisations including central government, local authorities and universities and colleges.

Operating in a similar way to a framework, suppliers will be able to submit tenders to help implement IoT technologies such as sensors, security and device management.

Running until September 2021, the DPS is an effective and efficient procurement method, offering benefits to both the supplier and buyer.

Pinacl has experience of working closely with local and central government throughout the UK to implement IoT technologies and services. These include solutions for social housing, environmental monitoring, flood prevention, social care and our Intelligent Street lighting Solution which has been deployed in Aberdeen.

Dave Ruthven, Sales Director: “We are delighted to have secured a place on this IOT DPS with the Scottish Government, once again confirming that Pinacl are leading the way by offering the latest technology solutions that will help support the Public Sector deliver smart transformational services throughout Scotland.”