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Pinacl and Cornerstone partner to create Tempus – Intelligent Property Management

Pinacl is pleased to announce that we have created in partnership with Cornerstone, an intelligent property management system to fight against the damp and mould crisis Housing Associations are facing. 

We know from our research that around one in ten properties have an urgent need for damp intervention which would require renovation running into tens of thousands of pounds if not detected early and acted upon. By implementing an Intelligent Property Management system like Tempus, this could help better manage your housing stock and notify your assets team to potentially problematic dwellings. Tempus - In a nutshell, is an intelligent property management solution. Designed in partnership, it integrates professional expertise in damp and mould from Cornerstone; combined with the technology capabilities of Pinacl and their IoT pedigree.

The system accurately reports and analyses the atmospheric conditions inside the property and aligns this data to conditions known to support and sustain mould development with the system triggering alarms when such conditions persist.

Due to the detailed analysis as well as highlighting ‘at risk’ conditions, the system will also supply pertinent data as to the most likely cause to allow for better decision making regarding follow up action, typically:

  • Ineffective ventilation of the property
  • Low internal air temperatures

Pinacl provides a full end-to-end solution from sensor, Internet of Things (IoT) network to application dashboard. The sensors can monitor humidity, temperature, Co2 and movement and are able to provide hourly readings on to the dashboard.

Mark Lowe, Business Development Director at Pinacl said: “Tempus is a solution that analyses multiple factors such as age, geography, orientation, and wall type to provide a deeper insight into a property health. From this, we are able to alert and provide recommendations to housing providers to reduce the risk of damp and mould within a property”.

David Bly, Operations Director at Cornerstone added: “Embracing IoT technology and proven damp, condensation and mould knowledge into a unique and bespoke system will serve to assist Housing Associations manage the health of their properties. With Tempus on board in full support, the data being captured and analysed delivers an effective and focused solution process designed to enhance the knowledge of the housing teams and make better decisions for any subsequent repairs”.

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