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York shortlisted for coveted Smart City Award

We are pleased to announce that York has been shortlisted for the Smart City of the Year award at this years Connected Britain Awards. 

Launched in 2018, the Connected Britain awards recognize all areas of connectivity provison, from operators and alternative network providers, to government departments and local authorities. Pinacl and City of York Council has been shortlisted for the ‘Smart City initiative’ Award and recognizes the city that has best moved the concept of a Smart City forward. Smart cities are defined by their use of new technologies and data as a means to solve the city’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

Pinacl has designed and commissioned a LoRaWAN Internet of Things (IoT) network across York. The IoT network sits alongside the existing dark fibre network deployed throughout York and the public WiFi infrastructure installed within the City centre – all of this forming part of Pinacl’s Smart City blueprint. 

Examples of some of the smart solutions York has invested in includes:  

  • Digital Property Management Solution
  • Intelligent street Lighting
  • Smart transport systems

Digital Property Management System

Pinacl’s Digital Property Management solution monitors humidity, temperature and Co2. The battery-operated sensors take frequent readings and are processed and presented on our web based ‘Smart City’ dashboard, providing real time and historical analysis to all of the information collected.

Intelligent Street Lighting

The Intelligent Street Lighting solution incorporates energy-saving LED lighting with functionality to control, such as dim lighting, allowing the city to closely manage it energy consumption. Once installed, intelligent lighting corridors will drive financial as well as environmental savings for the city. Detailed operational intelligence will also enable City of York Council to cut maintenance costs with real-time fault monitoring, which will improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning.

Smart Transport

York are looking to create an intelligent corridor that will monitor traffic flows of five key routes into the city. York has the ambition to be the first ‘Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)-ready’ city in the UK and is aiming to achieve this through its Smart Travel Evolution Programme (STEP). This involves harnessing the new data sources the network will make available, such as imaged based calibration, on-vehicle CCTV analytics, light detection and ranging (LiDAR) and floating vehicle data.

York wants to use its unrivalled connectivity and innovation to define the future of transport in the UK – modelling how cities can use tech as much as tarmac to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Social Care Solution

City of York Council is looking at innovative solutions to ease certain pressures and demands on its Social Care system. The council have identified key challenges to address, such as increasing the  availability of hospitals beds by changing the customer experience and outcomes within respite and domiciliary care, to lengthen and enhance independent living for people in York.

It is excellent news that York is being recognized for all the innovative projects we have been working on. Finding new and efficient ways of delivering services across the city is key to ensuring York remains one of the best connected cities in Europe. We are looking forward to the Connected Britain Event in June.
Roy Grant, Head of ICT and Digital Services at City of York Council & Harrogate Borough Council

York has always led the way when it comes to deploying innovative solutions and was the first ever Gigabit City. Since 2009, we have been pursuing an ambitious digital strategy to become one of Europe’s most connected cities. We have delivered a number of significant high-profile projects and recently extended our WiFi coverage out to suburbs in York following on from the successful WiFi deployment across the majority of the city centre and at all six park and ride terminals in 2014.

The network now covers a large number of key locations including Museum Street and Gardens, Coney Street, York Train Station, The Shambles, Micklegate, Bishopthorpe Road, Acomb’s Front Street, around York Minster and throughout Parliament Street, home of the St Nicholas Fair. Connectivity which benefits residents and visitor alike.

This solution has enabled York to become one of the most technologically-advanced cities in the UK. York is part of the largest deployment of ‘fibre to the home’ in the UK and boasts the largest blend of integrated city centre and transport Wi-Fi in the UK. It was voted as the Sunday Time’s best place to live in the UK 2018, seen as ‘the perfect mix of heritage and hi‑tech’.

The winners will be announced during Day 1 of the Connected Britain awards held in London on June 18th.

For more information on the IoT Solutions that we are deploying in York please call us on 01745 535300 or email