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Pinacl has renewed its place on the Jisc Web Filtering Monitoring and Reporting Framework Lot 2

We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our place on the Jisc Web Filtering Monitoring and Reporting Framework Lot 2

Jisc is the UK’s education and research technology solutions not-for-profit,  which provides the Janet Network, to which all colleges, universities and research centres are connected..

The scope of the framework covers purchases by Jisc, JSL, higher education institutions, further education and specialist colleges, Research Council establishments, schools, academies, libraries and museums in the UK and by any other bodies whose core purpose is the support or advancement of education or of research.

Pinacl places security at the heart of everything it does and through this framework can offer a range of web filtering and monitoring solutions enabling customers to achieve a safer digital learning environment. Pinacl’s pioneering real-time, content-aware web filtering solutions detect online risks before they become real world incidents.

Whether protecting from malware, inappropriate content, wasted resources or anonymous proxy usage, Pinacl’s zero-day protection is designed with individual organisations’ security needs in mind.

Pinacl has vast experience in the design, implementation and management of wireless networks and places web security at the heart of its solutions to ensure that users of all ages are protected.

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