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Pinacl Unleash its Ultimate IoT Kit

Pinacl is pleased to announce that we have created the Ultimate IoT Pack for Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

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The kit provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of IoT Solutions before committing to a large-scale deployment.

The Ultimate IoT kit includes everything you need to begin achieving your Smart Vision. Smart Places enable new services to be developed and existing services to be improved for the whole community, whether it be through services such as air quality monitoring, smart housing, waste management or flood management.


What’s in the Ultimate IoT Pack? 

  • IoT Gateways
  • LoRaWAN Network Service 
  • Unique Dashboard Application


IoT Solutions available 

Tempus - Tempus is more than simply an IoT Property Monitoring System! It’s designed around the understanding of scientific factors which can cause damp and mould. How the nature of the property, its location and internal/external conditions influence these factors and how Tempus can help prevent damp and mould.

Waste Management - When embedded with a smart sensor, a waste container ‘becomes smarter’ and can alert workers when it’s ready to be emptied and trend its usage over time. This can slash fuel costs, avoid unnecessary pickups and health concerns caused by overflowing bins.

Flood Management - Flood Sensors provide cost-effective, real-time monitoring and reporting of water levels. The units can be used as proactive early warning systems and flood predictions within ‘at-risk environments’.

Air Quality - Air Quality sensors will measure and report on temperature, humidity and pressure and other primary air pollutants. Allowing environmental teams to easily have access to and collate measurements in real-time and more frequently than traditional manual processes.

Mark Lowe, Business Development Director at Pinacl, "we have been leading the way with IoT based solutions like these for more than 3 years, as more and more customers are embracing IoT to help with their business challenges and strategies. This is an exciting and ever-changing working environment, with Pinacl continuing to lead the way."

Pinacl is already working with a number of Councils and Housing Associations who are adopting this new technology, recognising the potential for a rapid Return on Investment and unparalleled access to real-time information using Pinacl’s IoT solutions.

Download our free Ultimate IoT Kit eBook here!