Pinacl Solutions



Supplement and Complement your team

Your business relies on its infrastructure on a daily basis but rarely has to re-engineer it. Pinacl Consult gives you access to our team of highly skilled and qualified consultants to supplement and complement your team, enabling you to shorten the time to value of project delivery.

Implementing a new Network design is typically something customers will only do every five to ten years, so why not access our team of resource who can share their experiences of delivering world class infrastructures on a daily basis?

Benefits of the Pinacl Consult approach

Pinacl Consult can ‘mix and match’ consultant, senior consultant and lead consultant level resource to ensure the right blend of skills to match the requirements of your solution and offer you the most competitive pricing.

  • Supplement and complement your team’s capabilities
  • Leverage the latest technologies
  • Quality assured consultancy and design
  • Deploy high performance solutions backed by industry leading best practice to deliver real business benefits

Why Pinacl

Our consultants and architects can guide you through each stage of your new infrastructure design ensuring your chosen solution is fit for purpose and delivers the best possible performance. Pinacl Consult provide industry leading best practice and in-depth knowledge of a wide range of leading technologies, ensuring your organisation can make informed choices to deliver real business benefits with confidence.

Our skilled consultants and architects will work with your business to ensure your design choices are fully documented, enabling a smooth transition to project delivery. Although the requirements of each infrastructure will differ, we provide core documentation which includes;

  • High Level Design (HLD) including
    • High level solution description
    • High level drawings
    • Outline Bill of Materials
  • Low Level Design (LLD) including
    • Detailed schematics
    • Configuration details
    • Software versions
    • Dependencies on other systems/services
    • Detailed bill of materials