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Internet of Things - Smart Places

Pinacl is the Smart choice

Smart Places enable new services to be developed and existing services to be improved for citizens, local businesses and anyone associated with the area; whether it be through services such as smart lighting, environmental monitoring, waste management, smart traffic, smart housing, smart parking or access to free public WiFi.

A successful Smart Place will deliver significant improvements and opportunities for the local economy, becoming a place where people want to live, work and play. Pinacl is one of few companies who can deliver the end to end infrastructure and applications fundamental to any Smart Place.

As cities and towns become ever larger and more complex there is an increasing demand on traditional services such as transport, energy, healthcare, utilities and the environment. There is a need to address these challenges to ensure sustainable growth in the future. It is important to note that technology is an enabler, it is not the solution, the real benefits are realised when we use the technology to address the identified challenges and operational needs. 

Your network in safe hands

Pinacl’s Smart Places solutions are inherently secure. The IoT-X platform from Stream, used to deliver the network service, is divided in to separate networks for each customer, completely separate from one another. One customer cannot access another customer’s data as traffic is blocked between networks.

To further bolster the security of the platform, users can be set up with two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security on top of the conventional username and password authentication method. This facility enhances the security of individual accounts and is useful for users who are logging in to the Pinacl/Stream IoT-X platform from an untrusted machine or network.

By default, our Smart Places solutions are deployed with disaster recovery, capacity planning and network redundancy policies in place from day one. The network is comprehensively monitored to ensure that the highest security standards are being attained and that the network is fully compliant with U.K. data protection and computer misuse legislation. 

Our portfolio of Smart Place services:

  • Connected EnvironmentsSensors can get the job done where people cannot, measuring elements like air or water quality, radiation, or to detect hazardous chemicals. Digitally enabling previously manual services is transforming the ability to monitor, manage and react to conditions in real time. Read more >>
  • Intelligent BuildingsModern-day control systems are made possible by integrating intelligent systems into the design of the building, digitally transforming the monitoring and management with intelligent applications and sensors. Read more >>
  • Smart LivingDigitally transforming the monitoring of properties, preventing damage and saving money. This gives asset management teams early warning of physical and social issues allowing early stage intervention for asset and tenant health. Still evolving are the concepts of telecare and telehealth for Smart Living. Read more >>
  • Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of connecting everyday objects – physical devices, vehicles, buildings, wearable technology etc. with embedded electronics, software, sensors allowing them to send and receive data. IoT technologies are an integral part of any digital strategies and future roadmaps. Read more >>