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Connected Environments

Can IoT help the environment?

It is very clear that sensors can get the job done where people cannot. Deploying environmental sensors to measure elements like air or water quality, radiation, or sensors to detect hazardous chemicals. Parents of infants with breathing problems and asthma affected citizens could also receive information in real time.

Every day millions of new things get connected online, including toasters, heart monitors, cars and even cows. That’s right, cows. Farmers have connected their cows to the internet, giving them insight on the cow that they might not have known otherwise. For example, where the cow may be located at a moment in time, how the cow is behaving, and even the health of the cow.

Efficient farming has a huge positive impact on the environment, technology is being used to control crop or greenhouse irrigation through sensors. Automatic irrigation in Southern California is being deployed to fight the periodic droughts providing water according to the conditions of soil.

Benefits of a Connect Environment solution from Pinacl 

The importance of Air Quality is so high that even the air we breathe is regulated by the European Commission in the Directive 96/62 on air quality, which aims to ensure public health of citizens.

IoT solutions and sensors can help to monitor and analyse water flows to provide an early warning system to prevent floods or other natural disasters.

Precision agriculture can use sensor technologies to provide real-time monitoring in the crops and predictive models to anticipate any threats.

Small farmers and large landowners need help to approach and understand the potential of the IoT market by installing smart technologies to increase sustainability and competitiveness in their productions.

Why Pinacl? 

Pinacl recognise it is in the interest of everyone moving forward to create an IoT that minimizes energy requirements and environmental impact. Technologies such as LPWAN/LoRaWAN are engineered with low-power consumption and low-power sensors that can work under challenging conditions. Besides being able to be deployed at a long distance from the nearest antenna, battery life will be extended to last for years, thus reducing the energy impact.

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