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Smart Living

Enhance service provision and make them more accessible with the IoT

It's clear that the internet of things (IoT) and the connected home have arrived. Consumers have recognized the value, security and energy-efficient solutions provided by smart homes. 

 People are installing a wide range of intelligent home solutions. These solutions include: security; home theatre and entertainment; telephones, door-phones and intercoms; PC and internet networks; surveillance cameras; driveway vehicle sensors; communicating thermostats; motorized window blinds and curtains; entry systems; and irrigation systems. 

 Still evolving are the concepts of Telecare and telehealth for Smart Living. Telecare sensors being triggered by a user if feeling unwell and the nature of the medical emergency being indicated by telehealth data. In essence there are three types of systems, which may be used together; systems that help predict problems; systems that reduce the chance of problems occurring and systems that mitigate harm. 

 Telehealth includes (amongst other things) a home unit to measure and monitor temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs for clinical review at a remote location.

Benefits of a Smart Living solution from Pinacl 

Smart living or a Smart Home, you can easily imagine a scenario where by a simple command on your way home turns on the lights for your drive or security light, the hallway and kitchen lights come on and the coffee machine is making your favourite drink. Your curtains and blinds are automatically closed, disarming the security system, opens or unlocks the garage door, adjusts the heating to a pre-set temperature, and turns on the audio system playing your favourite playlist.

Smart thermostats remove the need to touch the wall thermostat. An app on your smart phone becomes the controller for your heating or air conditioning and can help cut your energy bills.

The benefits of home telehealth monitoring are clear and simple:

  • They feel safer because someone is monitoring their condition
  • Less visits to the hospital for routine check-ups or being admitted
  • Patients can start to learn more about their condition and self-management of it

Why Pinacl? 

At Pinacl we appreciate the technology should only be one factor of a total solution to provide people with a service that helps them to stay independent and with dignity. As an IoT technology focused company we can collaborate with specialist providers of telecare and telehealth solutions which leverage IoT technology to provide maximum effective solutions.

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