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Transforming Care through Technology

As the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace is moving fast, with innovations fast becoming the norm within our home space, the need to transform the way we work is even more prevalent.

The Karantis360 Solution

Karantis360 is an automated personal monitoring and alerting system, using intelligent, battery-free sensors, wirelessly linked to a discreet, mobile device which sends reports and alerts to carers and family members.

It has been developed specifically to promote independent, home living for the elderly, infirm, those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia and to enable early release from hospital for other clients where monitoring is required.

Using a non-intrusive system of sensors, machine learning and automatic data communication, Karantis360 flags exceptions to routines and habits, such as whether your client has got out of bed, is sitting in a chair, has boiled the kettle and so on.

By analysing activity data and comparing it to expected patterns, the system identifies when your client’s activity is out-of-the-ordinary and sends you an immediate alert, so you can respond quickly and effectively to any potential emergency.

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