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Deploying applications where they belong

Different applications fit different environments, fact. Today’s forward-thinking IT Directors consider each application on its merits, considering the required security of data processed, risk of and data loss, future flexibility and scalability. The use of Private, Public and Hybrid clouds must be made carefully.

Pinacl are experts in deploying and designing solutions that can tie the large Public Cloud providers together with an owned Private Cloud to create a hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Clouds allow businesses to move workloads between Clouds, automate deployments and ultimately put the power back into the Businesses hands.

The Benefits of a Cloud solution from Pinacl

  • Flexibility - Public Cloud solutions allow businesses to consume resources on a pay as you go model, perfect for development environments, or those that wish to operate on a purely rental basis without needing a large capital investment
  • Performance - Public Cloud allows an application to consume significant resources if required and to deploy applications across the globe
  • Scalability - The option to flex up and flex down resources at the push of a button give businesses the ability to adapt to changing needs
  • Resilience - Public Cloud environments provide the ability to deploy applications with resiliency embedded into the design, whether this is protection from a single server outage or a whole Data Centre
  • Security - The ability to extend on premise security boundaries into Public Cloud providers ensures that both the applications and data can be maintained and operated securely

Why Pinacl

Pinacl's grounding in complex enterprise networking and infrastructure allows us to design solutions that leverage the power of Public Cloud providers coupled with local resources. This intelligent mixing of platforms allows businesses to place their applications and data in the right place at the right time to leverage resources in the most cost-efficient manner.

Using advanced Software Defined Networking and Cloud Management Platforms allows a business to self-automate and regulate application deployment and mobility between platforms whilst maintaining the corporate security requirements. Direct Connections to Public Cloud providers from the corporate LAN or WAN, ensure that performance is always guaranteed.

Company applications and data are increasingly located outside of the enterprise the potential attack surfaces increases and a secure multi tenanted environment is essential to protect your company assets. Next Generation security systems use network intelligence to understand and manage the data that is flowing across your enterprise. Pinacl’s security first approach looks at how we can protect your company assets without compromising the value delivered in using shared infrastructure. 

Whether you are looking at a single application deployment, such as email, into the Cloud or a number of Line of Business applications, talk to Pinacl about how to design a solution that will meet your requirements today, for performance and security, as well as being able to deliver for your requirements tomorrow. If you would like to find out more about our Cloud solutions, then contact us today.