Pinacl Solutions


Data Centre

Intelligence and automation in the heart of your Data Centre

Whether your business needs the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud or the shear grunt of on premise compute resource, businesses need to ensure they make the right choice regarding the platforms they choose to deploy.

By using Pinacl's extensive knowledge in Data Centre design and deployment, coupled with the latest technologies in this complex sector, your business can be sure you are selecting and deploying the right platform for any workload.

The Benefits of Pinacl's Data Centre design

Rarely do any two workloads need the same approach to how they are deployed to achieve maximum Return on Investment and provide your business with the flexibility, scalability and security it demands. Backed up by options for a fully managed cross cloud platform, Pinacl's Data Centre deployments are designed to deliver the following:

  • Security by design - Security baked into the heart of any solution protecting both the public and your valuable data using multiple layers of security
  • Performance - Our solutions are sized correctly for day one giving the performance required for successful project delivery
  • Resilience - Any system design provides assurance that no single points of failure exist and all data is protected at multiple points
  • Flexibility - Providing platforms that can expand and contract into hybrid cloud deployments as business needs change. This is a fundamental requirement for today’s modern Data Centres
  • Scalability - Building static platforms with Vendor lock in and large post deployment support contracts is not the way Pinacl design. All Pinacl solutions ensure that future scalability is a given

Why work with Pinacl?

Pinacl is a trusted partner who have real world experience deploying Data Centre solutions across both Public and Private organisations. Our customers will tell you that we have a unique approach to designing complex deployments, crossing both Public and Private clouds. We utilise technology from the leading vendors of security, networking, compute, storage and backup to deliver systems that can be relied on to deliver for many years to come.

Concentrating applications and data in a central place makes them easier to protect but conversely the impact of a breach can be more damaging. Next Generation security systems use network intelligence to understand and manage the data that is flowing in and out of your data centre and can look at patterns on based on who, what and when to control access. Pinacl’s security first approach looks at how we can protect your company datacentre(s) without compromising the value of a centralised infrastructure. 

The Data Centre runs and delivers your critical applications, holding your valuable data. With the myriad of obligations heaped upon todays IT Managers and Directors, you need to be sure that any partner chosen has the breadth of experience and ability to deliver in tight timescales. Pinacl have this ability…