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Meet today's demanding business requirements and prepare for the future - LAN Network

A secure and performant network infrastructure enables organisations to meet the demanding business challenges and changing business models of today’s and the future. Increasingly, customers are looking to move to a next generation borderless network architecture to deliver seamless, secure, and reliable access independent of device both locally across the local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) connecting in to multiple locations, customers, suppliers and cloud based services.

The LAN underpins this and its role needs to change to support your changing business. For example, your core line of business applications may have been delivered by applications hosted on servers in your own on-premise Data Centres.  You will have built the highest level of switching and connectivity and resilience with virtualised servers with multiple network cards and gigabit networking.

You have built super highways between your users guaranteeing the most performant connectivity between their PCs and their applications.  But what happens when you move your application or office productivity to the cloud? And your users want access from their mobile devices?

If you don’t plan your uncontended superhighway soon becomes a dirt track with a lot of random traffic. 

Benefits of a modern LAN Network from Pinacl

  • Provides secure access to corporate applications and data
  • Allows traffic to be separated both physically and virtually
  • Connects users, local servers and devices
  • Allows sharing of expensive peripherals
  • Allows multiple traffic types to share connectivity
  • Can be managed and monitored by the organisation

Why Pinacl

Pinacl can help. Whether you are an enterprise corporate, production environment of local authority Pinacl’s network designer can analyse, measure, deploy a next generation borderless network infrastructure comprising LAN, WAN and cloud connectivity.

The traditional approach of a firewall located on your networks perimeter and anti-virus located on the end points is no longer sufficient. Next Generation security systems use network intelligence to understand the data that is flowing across your network. From this intelligence, a decision is made to allow the traffic, deny the traffic, segregate the traffic or mark it as suspect for tracking and later remediation. Pinacl’s security first approach looks at how we can protect your company assets without compromising the users experience. 

LAN networking Services:

  • Pinacl Network Assessment
  • Integrating WiFi, WAN and Cloud services
  • Pinacl Network Monitoring
  • Intrusion detection and reporting (Penetration Testing)
  • Network Design Consultancy

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