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Corporate WiFi

Secure, performant and reliable wireless connectivity

Wireless has become the de-facto connection method for the enterprise; it is fundamental to all modern IT strategies supporting mobility and flexible use of business assets.

The evolution in wireless standards and equipment coupled with the explosion in wireless-enabled devices, is fuelling the demand for access to applications and data from anywhere at any time. This ubiquitous access has delivered many benefits for organisations from increased revenue, through productivity and process improvements, to cost savings but also can expose challenges.

At Pinacl we understand how to leverage WiFi to deliver business critical operations and create new and exciting opportunities; everything from direct location based services to process control and automation. Using our extensive industry experience and product knowledge, Pinacl can help your business navigate the many options available to develop the right technology solution for your business, saving you significant time and effort. This approach enables our customers to unlock new possibilities - giving them greater choice and underpinning their success.

Benefits of a Corporate WiFi solution

Business requirements differ widely and Pinacl can tailor the solution to support your particular needs. Pinacl offers the latest hosted cloud controller technologies alongside more traditional on-premise systems, coupled with comprehensive managed support packages, all of which can:

  • Securely open up access to corporate applications and data - to identified and secure wireless devices and to segment guest, BYOD and Corporate traffic
  • Realise cost savings and work efficiencies - through the adoption of new ways of working
  • Use the Wireless Network to locate and track assets
  • Improve client and partner experience - by offering secure guest/partner wireless access with simple and secure branded portals
  • Extend the enterprise network - outside the confines of the buildings using external Access Points for the immediate area or mesh enabled wireless Access Points for a wider area
  • Manage bandwidth limits and block or restrict non-business applications to maximise performance

Why Pinacl

Choosing the right company to entrust your wireless network with can be a daunting task. Your partner must have extensive experience of delivering successful projects but know how to apply it for the benefit of your requirements today and future strategy. Pinacl can leverage over 15 years wireless experience and product knowledge to deliver innovative solutions that will deliver secure, robust and reliable wireless coverage for the area you want to cover.

With the undoubted benefits of wireless come a range of challenges including security, access in difficult environments such as warehouse or production lines and separation of different levels of traffic. Pinacl’s security focused approach will help you identify and address these without compromising the user experience.    

Our comprehensive portfolio of services covers the complete life-cycle of your managed wireless network and includes:

  • Initial consultation and RF site survey
  • Procurement, configuration, installation, testing and commissioning
  • Provision/extension of wired LAN and provision / configuration of LAN equipment
  • Inter-site and inter-building wireless bridge links
  • We can assist you in delivering a deliver a secure wireless environment
  • Secure access, authentication and separation of different traffic types
  • Audit and penetration testing of your existing Wireless Network

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