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Public WiFi

Pinacl – delivering Public WiFi sustainably

Local authorities and public venues are looking to WiFi help them engage with users directly, encourage people to spend more time in their cities, towns and venues. The users have an expectation that free WiFi is available is easy to access and incorporates safety and security features to help make these public WiFi solutions sustainable Pinacl leverage innovate and creative solutions around the user journey, promoting advertising and sponsorship opportunities for local business and national brands.

The optional CityConnect platform from Pinacl is the brand name for our growing portfolio of Public WiFi deployments. CityConnect networks are designed to deliver free, secure high-performance Internet service to your customers. We understand the challenges in city and town centres where there is a balance between coverage area and ongoing running costs and we can incorporate wireless mesh technology to help address this. Inside public venues where location tracking is important for insight to visitor behaviour and patterns, Pinacl can engineer the solution around the accuracy of the WiFi Solution without compromising reliability and performance.

Benefits of a Public WiFi solution

Public WiFi requirements vary by city, town and venue, our WiFi solutions are tailored to meet your needs and budgets. We work with leading WiFi vendors with enterprise quality, reliability and performance. We collaborate with innovative and creative partners for enhanced user experience with comprehensive reporting and analysis. Pinacl offers the latest hosted cloud controller technology alongside more traditional centralised systems, coupled with comprehensive service and support packages.

  • Easy to access WiFi service encouraging people to use the service
  • Reliable and high performing WiFi
  • New communication and marketing vehicle to engage users directly
  • Valuable insight to customer demographics and behaviours
  • Access WiFi via social media profiles eliminates costly IT support
  • Manage bandwidth limits and block or restrict users abusing the service
  • Location Based Services provides key data, such as footfall traffic mapped by zones, streets, public buildings, parks and venues.
  • Comprehensive reporting and marketing analysis tools 
  • Can be used to support and promote local and national events

Why Pinacl

Pinacl has been successfully delivering a wide range of Private and Public Wireless solutions to our clients for over 30 years. We use our industry experience and product knowledge to drive innovation through the crafting of pioneering technology solutions. This approach enables our customers to unlock new possibilities, giving them greater choice and underpinning their success.

To find out more about how a Wireless solution from Pinacl can help your organisation succeed, contact us now.