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Design, Protect, Report

Security touches every aspect of a modern business and with new legislation coming into force, the financial losses associated through the failure to maintain good security practises at all levels could spell the end of the road. The traditional approach of a firewall located on your networks perimeter and anti-virus located on the end points is no longer sufficient. Every aspect of the network must take security seriously.

Next Generation security systems use network intelligence to understand the data that is flowing across your network. They question where it came from, where it is going to, and to what device. In addition, who the authenticated user is that is accessing the data. From this intelligence, a decision is made to allow the traffic, deny the traffic, segregate the traffic or mark it as suspect for tracking and later remediation.

The Benefits of a Pinacl Security Design

  • Advanced Network Intelligence - Identifies traffic and understands any payload
  • Next Generation firewalling - Detects and remediates threats on the network edge, including Zero Day threats
  • Network Segmentation - Assigns separate logical networks across the physical deployment, ensuring traffic with different security requirements can never mix
  • Network Control - Automatically assigns network segregation based on the end-point ownership, end-point health and the authenticated end user
  • End-point Control - Checks an end-point for known threats and remediates these automatically prior to access onto the corporate network
  • Full insight reporting - Gives deep insight into the traffic as it flows across the network and advanced reporting and altering for threat management

Why Pinacl

Every solution Pinacl deploys has security at the heart of the design. We use Next Generation firewalling, user authentication, end-point control, traffic separation and advanced reporting to ensure that every point of the network, whether wired or wireless, is included in the overall security policies of the business. In addition, that it also conforms to relevant industry security practises and guidance such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Public Services Network (PSN)

As a Managed Service provider, holding an ISO 27001 certification, responsible for the delivery of services to some of the most security focused organisations in the UK, Pinacl understand how to apply security. We ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of services. We practise what we preach.

If you are serious about Security, talk to Pinacl.